The Fake News Crisis Is Nothing New

  In spite of president Donald Trump stating (and more than once, too) that the expression “fake news” is something he invented, the phenomenon is nothing new. It may have found a new life in the Internet era, but it’s something that always existed. It even had the same name! Blowing things out of proportion, […]

Fake News in the Current Era

  Of course, the current epidemic of fake news is an entirely different phenomenon. That’s because the amount of news outlets that we have at our collective disposal is incredibly high – no one even knows the exact number of newspapers, magazines or online news portals there are in the first place. And don’t get […]

Who Benefits from Fake News?

There’s a manipulative strategy behind the recent surge of fake news. Lord Thomas Cochrane, the man behind the spreading of the news about Napoleon dying, can be considered the forefather to many fake news suppliers and makers. There are mainly two types of gains to be had by spreading false news items: a monetary gain: […]

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