Who Benefits from Fake News?

There’s a manipulative strategy behind the recent surge of fake news. Lord Thomas Cochrane, the man behind the spreading of the news about Napoleon dying, can be considered the forefather to many fake news suppliers and makers. There are mainly two types of gains to be had by spreading false news items:

a monetary gain: if the news upsets the financial markets, those in the know can earn lots of money by investing in shares, crypto-currencies or more.
a political gain: in spite of the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller still ongoing, it is now proven that the government of Russia had an influence or tried to move votes in several elections throughout the world. Russia has used social networks to spread fake news who could influence voters and had them change their mind in order to have more conservative politicians in such countries as France: more conservative governments would get along much better with the Putin-led country, and possibly be stronger allies in such scenarios as Nato meetings, the Davos economic forum or G7 summits, which ultimately decide the politics of the entire planet. A scary situation, indeed.

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