The Future Scenarios

As much as we’d like for fake news to just disappear, we’ll just have to deal with them for some more time. They’ve been around for longer than any other existing publication, and probably will find other ways to spread, even if we do manage to shut down all of the fake sites where people […]

How to Trust the Media Again? Part II;; DC Gazette; The Boston Tribune. These are just some names of fake news sites, which rely on gullible readers thinking they’re on genuine portals thanks to the similarity between their names and actual news outlets (Bloomberg would have, for instance, a .com after its brand, not a .ma). One solid way to discover […]

How to Trust the Media Again? Part I

Established media are suffering from the fake news epidemics, which in turn creates a climate of distrust from the readers: oversimplifying, if one site carries false information, potentially all of them can. Media sites, real ones, are not culpable, though, of the emergence of fake sites, those with fancy names that trick you into thinking […]

How to Spot Fake News

Article 7 Fake news usually works by triggering a reader’s deepest fears. The fear of migrants collapsing our economy; the fear of foreigners raping and assaulting the women and children in the countries where they find hospitality after leaving their homeland; a scandalous revelation that just now came to light about a political leader or […]

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