Decorating News Office Walls

In the past news offices would have fairly drab décor. However, it has become increasingly common for modern offices to have a more welcoming atmosphere. This will tend to improve the moods of the journalists working within these spaces. One of the best ways to decorate the walls of a news office is by utilising high quality wallpaper. The ideal site to purchase this from is Familywallpapers. The designer of the office interior will have several options to choose from.

Patternless Wallpaper

Even though there are a lot of patterns available some news companies may prefer to go for a plainer style. In these cases it is best to utilise patternless wallpaper for walls within the news office. This does not necessarily mean they have to be boring. The colour could be visually eye catching. If the designer wishes to make a bold statement they may place two complimentary hues side by side. Good combinations include black and silver, red and gold, blue and orange, as well as white and copper.

Floral Patterns

One of the main goals of the décor is to boost the moods of the journalists. They will likely be working for long hours on potentially depressing stories. Floral patterns can help to make the office feel like a less oppressive environment. When people look at images of nature it tends to leave them with a pleasant feeling. Therefore floral patterns will be ideal for urban based news companies.

Photo Murals

If the interior designer wishes to opt for a less traditional route then they may consider placing printed photo murals onto the walls of the office. The images being displayed could be of natural landscapes, cities, vehicles, animals, outer space or abstract art. Ideally the pictures on the wall should communicate the ethos of the news publication.

Personalised Wall Murals

If the company is looking for a more bespoke form of wall decoration a personalised mural is ideal. Images can be uploaded to the Familywallpapers site and then printed onto a durable material for pasting on the news office wall. The publication logo is a good choice of picture. Alternatively, it could be images of the journalism team.

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