Why Health News Is So Important

There are some topics in life that are considered more important than others. One that often is near the top of this type of list is health. A good number of people will use as many different resources as possible to help them learn more about many different topics of health. News And Health News […]

Choosing The Right TV Unit To Watch News

In the modern age it is very easy to become a news junkie. 24 hour news cycle channels keep viewers hooked with exciting developments. These channels also inform the public of important laws that need to be followed. This has become especially prevalent with recent global lockdowns. People are regularly forced to stay at home […]

Making Money From a News Website

Running a news website can be fun, but it comes with its own challenges. The fun part is that getting content might not be that hard, as news is everywhere. The tricky part comes in monetizing the content, and this has been quite a nightmare to many publishers for the longest time. Not many news […]

How to Start a Health News Website

The media industry has witnessed quite a great deal of disruption as audiences continue to be more selective on the kind of news they want to consume. Research shows that self-publishing could be one of the best options for an up and coming journalist or content creator interested in news-making. One of the most significant […]

The Future Scenarios

As much as we’d like for fake news to just disappear, we’ll just have to deal with them for some more time. They’ve been around for longer than any other existing publication, and probably will find other ways to spread, even if we do manage to shut down all of the fake sites where people […]

How to Trust the Media Again? Part II

ABCnews.com.co; Bloomberg.ma; DC Gazette; The Boston Tribune. These are just some names of fake news sites, which rely on gullible readers thinking they’re on genuine portals thanks to the similarity between their names and actual news outlets (Bloomberg would have, for instance, a .com after its brand, not a .ma). One solid way to discover […]

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