How to Trust the Media Again? Part I

Established media are suffering from the fake news epidemics, which in turn creates a climate of distrust from the readers: oversimplifying, if one site carries false information, potentially all of them can. Media sites, real ones, are not culpable, though, of the emergence of fake sites, those with fancy names that trick you into thinking you’re on an actual existing news portal. Plus, when an existing news outlet makes a mistake, you can always expect a retraction – which doesn’t happen with a blatant false news.

So how to build a solid relationship with media again? Here’s a few tricks and tips – most of them coming from one of the authors behind this site, who was a Journalism School student in a major institute abroad.

  • Find writers that you like. You may not always agree with them, but you trust their storytelling, their moral stance, their work ethics. Stick with them and read the sites or publications they choose to collaborate with.
  • It follows that you will like some news sources more than others. Compare why it is so, and be an active reader of those you like the most: don’t be afraid to send in a letter to the editors when you have something to contribute, or participate in the comments sections or the social media channel for those sites. Always do so in a constructive manner: if you have to express criticism because you didn’t like something, do so in a respectful manner – it’s more likely that your voice will be heard.
  • Sounds too bad to be true? Or, conversely, sounds too good to be true? Then it probably is: it’s as simple as that!
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