The Future Scenarios

As much as we’d like for fake news to just disappear, we’ll just have to deal with them for some more time. They’ve been around for longer than any other existing publication, and probably will find other ways to spread, even if we do manage to shut down all of the fake sites where people pose as journalists.

In Italy, for instance, it’s been suggested that citizens report all dubious items to Polizia Postale, the police department which deals with online crime. But is this the way to go? Anyone will feel free to flood the officers’ mailboxes with anything they find suspicious.

Rather than resorting to the police, information and culture seem to be the best types of weapon: schools could be involved in seminars about the epidemic of fake news, with journalists visiting classrooms and students, in exchange, getting to know the newsrooms of their countries. It doesn’t just end with schools, though. Most part of fake news sharing comes from senior citizens: they’re more gullible, on account of knowing the Internet on a very superficial level. These kinds of seminars and conferences, then, could come very handy for educating grown-ups and adults, those who tend to do more damage when they’re online. Only with a more educated population, fake news will disappear from newsfeeds altogether.

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