The Most Convenient Way to Contact Your GP

Can you imagine just how much time and effort you could save if you contacted a doctor on your mobile? Not only to speak to a doctor but to actually have an appointment in real-time. You can do this by using a dedicated mobile app that allows you to have access to a doctor, get your prescriptions and referrals if needed, and save you precious time in your busy life. There is no need to wait in a doctor’s surgery, and no need to have to go out in all weathers. Sometimes, you may not want to take small children out in bad weather, if they are the patients.

The NHS Online Services have been available for a while now. The new mobile applications go a few steps further than the online service. Where the online service gave you access to prescriptions and the ability to make appointments to see your GP, you would still have to sit in a waiting room. The new type of service is similar to using a phone to contact your GP, yet different by actually being able to have an appointment with a GP via mobile phone; visit the new Livi mobile app:livi app to see it in action.

To be able to make appointments and see a GP whenever you want, whether you are at home or work, must be the most progressive movement in the health system. Without having to visit surgeries cuts the time taken to see a doctor. You can speak to a doctor directly, and with the mobile app, you are given a personal appointment in real time. If your life is active and you work, you may not always have the time to attend appointments. If the appointment does not involve any physical examination, then speaking to a doctor through the mobile application is a much faster way to see a GP.

Initially, most appointments to see a doctor might not be necessary. If you can get prescriptions, advice, and referrals from a GP on your mobile, this is going to speed up the process for most patients. If you need a referral, how much faster will this happen, when there is no need to wait for your appointment via the post? Any results from your referral can be given to you without any unnecessary delay.

Another way this doctor and patient contact is helpful is by keeping illnesses at bay such as colds and influenza. Any virus will be contained, by not having to share a waiting room with others. Therefore, this helps to prevent germs from spreading. It is a small but necessary way to help prevent patients from catching a virus. Some patients are very vulnerable to catching infections, and these include the very young and the very old. People who are undergoing chemotherapy or surgery need to take special care of themselves regarding catching an infection.

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