How Do Nicotine Pouches Affect News Presenters?

For a very long time, broadcast journalists – news presenters included- have had an interesting justification for smoking. Many say that having a drag gives their voices a certain hoarseness that makes it even more attractive to their audiences.

The science beyond that is yet to be proven. However, now that news people have a good alternative to smoking in the form of nicotine pouches, it is possible to check whether it is the smoke or the nicotine that gives them that feel-good factor.

Effect of Nicotine on the Brain

Nicotine is a neurotransmitter that triggers the brain to produce dopamine, the feel good hormone. It does not need to be smoked to achieve this. Simply chewing a single pouch from a Zyns packet can st this reaction in motion. With the use of a nicotine pouch, the lungs are not subjected to harmful smoke.

The feel-good factor is probably what news presenters find intriguing in cigarettes. When they feel elated, they are able to present even the gravest news occurrences without losing the efficiency of delivery. It may be that cigarettes don’t necessarily improve the voices. Rather, they trigger dopamine release wich makes the casters more confident and jovial in their delivery.

There are some good brands that even the most elegant journo can enjoy. Zyns, for instance, is establishing itself as a go-to for all types of nictine users. With flavors like mint, spearmint, cool mint, peppermint and smooth, there is no shortage of choice for divergent users.

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