Electric Vehicles Garner Attention in Daily News

Electric fleet maintenance is a growing trend in the news as corporations transition from fuel-powered vehicles to save money and protect the environment. Car manufacturers focus on e-mobility by developing vehicles to meet the growing consumer and corporate EV demand. With a globally expanding e-mobility infrastructure, blockchain technology is taking on a significant role in processing payments for charging electric vehicles. Consumer interest in the EV sector is sparking increasing news about the market. Let’s look at three ways news outlets feature e-mobility information.

Online articles feature information about blockchain market expansion and growth. Blockchain services for the auto market are expected to grow more than 31% by 2027. Online reports cover the market and shiftemobility.com sub-markets across the globe. From personal mobility to financing supply solutions, the sector is influencing developed and developing economies throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. Reports, studies, and news articles provide information and data for EV market watchers and investors.

As the market grows, the need for shiftemobility.com EV parts increases news about the manufacturing sector. These economic trends, business openings, and partnerships are covered in digital, print, and broadcast news segments. Major players, from Tesla to Rolls Royce, are rolling out new EV products for consumers and corporate buyers. Traditional dealerships are replaced with direct sales to the customer. Meanwhile, independent manufacturers are picking up the supply chain slack by offering EV parts in the growing market.

New EV Products

When a major brand rolls out a competing EV product, these new products are featured in the news. Sporting futuristic designs and innovative technology, the latest EV vehicles combine sleek appearance with quiet, efficient mobility. News outlets continue to report on related shiftemobility.com EV products and parts suppliers.

Rolls Royce

Evolving with the times, Rolls-Royce has developed the Spectre, an EV luxury model designed to attract discerning, affluent customers. With a $400,000 price tag, the exclusive car is scheduled to go on sale by 2023. The highly anticipated Spectre has been consistently featured in the global press since its introduction in October 2022.


Slated for delivery in the coming months, the Tesla Semi offers corporations a battery-powered semi-truck with electric charging capabilities. Revealing the fully electric concept car in 2017, Tesla’s subsequent delays have pushed deliveries to the end of 2022. Tesla plans to manufacture and sell 100,000 per year initially. The sleek design and Tesla name are sure to garner media attention when the Tesla EV semi-trucks roll off the assembly line.

Other EV Products

Other brands are also launching EV autos, including Chevrolet. The highly anticipated Chevy Silverado EV is one of a kind. However, rival brands offer competing EV models. GMC is touting an EV Denali with a 400-mile range and the ability to power a home for up to 21 days. The success of General Motors’ EV pick may see the brand develop a heavy-duty truck to compete with rival brands. Each innovative, new EV product draws consumer and media attention.

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